About Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

Individual and Non-Profit Sponsors

Below is a partial list of our donors. We can't explain how happy we are for their donation and that we will not be supporting Wildlife Rehabilitation MD entirely on our own. Thank you truly!

If you are considering donating to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD please know that your donation will be used to help wildlife rehabilitators across North America care for the tens of thousands of wild animals they treat each year. Your donations are needed and no amount is too little. This database is entirely community driven and each year we must collectively support its growth. If you are able, consider donating to Wildlife Rehabilitation MD.

Diamond Sponsors

  • Devin Dombrowski
  • Pacific Wildlife Care
  • Rachel Avilla

Platinum Sponsors

  • Deborah Lee Rose
  • Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Gold Sponsors

  • Ava Hinojosa
  • Bonnie & Terry Dombrowski
  • Connie Anderson
  • Meg Crockett
  • Dave Klinzman
  • Jim Lautz
  • Jeanette Stone
  • Julie Ross
  • Kristin A. Smith
  • Mattie P Bill
  • Scott E. Smith
  • Stephanie Sorenson
  • Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County

Silver Sponsors

  • Alec Dombrowski
  • Arti Kirch
  • Betts Sanderson
  • Carol Ker
  • Corinne Chen
  • Elisa Dowd
  • EugĂ©nie and Anthony Riberi
  • Jo Arnone of By the Grace of George Inc.
  • John Avilla
  • Jordan Pehr Dombrowski
  • Joyce Godecke
  • Julissa Favela
  • Julie Miller
  • Kai Williams
  • Kari Freidig
  • Linda Riebel
  • Pat Grant, DVM
  • Peggy Schuerholz
  • Peninsula Humane Society
  • Rob & Christine Anderson
  • Robert Harrold
  • Shirley Shevchenko