Labs Extension

About the Lab Extension

The Lab extension is used to record most of the lab values that can be collected on the patients. If off-site lab work is completed, and is sent digitally to your facility you can do 1 of 2 things. You can transcribe the information into the extension or upload it into the attachment extension. The benefit of transcription is that you can then search the results.

How to use the Lab Extension

When the Lab extension is activated it will show up as one of the main tabs on top of the screen. After clicking on the Lab link you will be able to record fecals, cytology/gram stains, CBC, chemistry, urinalysis and a field for other diagnostics not listed above.

To fill in a lab result first click on the arrow icon. A box will pop up with a form to fill in your lab results. Once completed click submit. If you need to edit or delete the entry, click on the circle arrow icon to edit it or the trash can icon to delete it.