About Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

About Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is an out-of-the-box, simple record-keeping system designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators in North America to collect, manage and analyze data pertaining to their patients. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is the result of years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation combined with website application design and development. When Wildlife Rehabilitation MD was conceived of, it was clear that the database needed to easily store and manage large volumes of data without being overwhelming to the average wildlife rehabilitator. We wanted a database that allowed for quick data entry and excellent data mining.

And now finally we have it! Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators by wildlife rehabilitators.'

This database had been through many name changes until we finally settled on Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. Traditionally "MD" stands for Medical Doctor, which fits this database fine, but we use the "MD" to stand for Medical Database. For short we call the database WRMD, pronounced [wurm - ed], hence the worm as the logo.

Guiding Principles Behind Wildlife Rehabilitation MD's Development
  1. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD should be as simple as possible so that any wildlife rehabilitator can use it.
  2. The integrity and safety of the data is paramount. Nothing should get out that doesn't have permission to be out.
  3. Keep it free! Not only this service to our community but the animals we dedicate our lives to.
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