About Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

Regulatory Agencies

We recognize that wildlife rehabilitation has many legal regulations that must be observed both federally and locally. Wildlife Rehabilitation MD strives to advance the wildlife rehabilitation profession as well as standardize reporting to agencies. If you are an entity that oversees wildlife rehabilitators, help us fill in the legal holes.

Annual Reports

Part of what makes Wildlife Rehabilitation MD so special is it's ability to produce customized annual reports at the push of a button. The customization is the real trick. Each state, province or subdivision has their own idea of what should be report at the end of the year and how it should be organized.

For a list of all the annual reports that Wildlife Rehabilitation MD is currently able to create visit the annual reports page. If your state, province or subdivision is not listed then don't fret. Send us the actual report as created by your government and we'll recreate it as soon as possible.

Missing or Updated Annual Reports

Send missing or updated annual reports to [email protected] and please indicate in the subject that you are including an annual report.