About Wildlife Rehabilitation MD



How about that for a pricing plan?

One of our mottoes is "Keep it Free." Not only this service to our community but the animals we dedicate our lives to.

No matter how well established your organization is, we are sure that your funds are limited and as wildlife rehabilitators ourselves we know that paying for food is a priority. In respect to your financial challenges and in the spirit of wildlife rehabilitation, we will do all that we can to keep this service free and available for as long as possible. In exchange for this offer we have a few requests:

  1. Share Wildlife Rehabilitation MD with as many wildlife rehabilitation organizations as you can. The more broad our reach, the better we will grow.
  2. Give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you and learn about how Wildlife Rehabilitation MD has benefited you or maybe you have a great feature request that we can add in.
  3. Make a donation. Yes this service is free to you but it's not free to us. This database is entirely community driven and each year we must collectively support its growth. Any donation you are able to make will help to ensure our longevity and support other rehabilitators across the world.
How are We Able to Keep it Free?

A lot of passion and fortunately our expenses are not too much. We have also been very fortunate to receive donations from users who want to help our growth.