Paper Forms Extension

About the Paper Forms Extension

These paper forms are a helpful way to transition from a paper form record keeping system into Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. There is a form for the Initial Patients screen (Intake form) and Continued Patients screen (Treatment log) that are the same format as the database. This way it's easier to enter the info from the form to the computer.

In many cases it is easier to use paper forms. Our goal as environmentalist is to allow as much data to be recorded digitally as possible to minimize paper use. Save the trees!

How to use the Paper Forms Extension

When the Paper Forms extension is activated you will have two printing option for each form. The first option is to go to the Reports link on the left sidebar. Under the Forms field there is an option for Intake form and Treatment log. Both of these forms have no additional information on them and can be used for any animal.

The second option is to print these after information about a patient has already been entered into Wildlife Rehabilitation MD. To do this, on the top left of the Initial Patients screen and Continued Patients screen there is an option to select Intake form or Treatment log. If one of these is selected the information already in the database for that patient will print out on the form.