A free on-line medical database designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators to collect, manage and analyze data for our patients.

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Save The Wildlife

Find out quickly what protocols are working best in your clinic. Save more lives by learning from your records.

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Save time, energy and money with quick access to the information you need. No more digging through or losing paper records.

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Analyze and learn from your data. Discover best practices and needed areas of improvement.

We switched from a paper record system and started using WRMD in January of 2013. WRMD has completely revolutionized our record keeping. The system is clean cut and easy to use, our staff, volunteers and interns picked up on the interface almost instantly. Using WRMD has completely changed how we are able to utilize the information in the records. You can do a very specific search for almost any information you enter, and the analytic section lets you see important information at a glance. At our center, we use WRMD on I Pads for the everyday exams and treatment notes. With the I Pads we can move from room to room and have the mobility to go where the animal is. Although the mobility is very useful in many circumstances, the typing is slower. So for longer more detailed recordkeeping, we log in from a desktop computer for use of the full keyboard. The layout is virtually the same on a desktop as the I Pads, keeping transitioning between them simple. One of the most helpful features of WRMD is the end-of-year report. Doing the end-of-year report is usually a daunting task, taking 40+ hours of sorting, tracking down missing paper work and filling in missing information. This year it was as easy as clicking a button. Since we went paperless, all of the information went straight into the computer, eliminating the missing paperwork and missing information.

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